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Birthdate:Mar 27
Location:Santa, California, United States of America
updated February 2008

A little about me
I am an Attention Whore aka The Welcome Post:
I want to know all about you - as it relates to me. The Welcome Post.

The McPosse:
 The core McPosse was formed at [info]escapade_con 2006. My LifeWife/hetero-lifemate [info]permetaform and my other best [info]lierdumoa planned a caper for the local McDonald's. Our mission was to retrieve a poster for [info]astolat b'c the kid in it looks EXACTLY like the genetic offspring of one Rodney McKay and John Sheppard in her story A Beautiful Lifetime Event. Commiting this dangerous performance fanart mccrime bonded us together for life! We committed McCrime and began calling ourselves the McPosse - a fandom McCrime Family! We have since added other core and extended members, always growing. We are a McCrime Family after all.

Friending and Filtering Policy:
I lurked on LJ for over a year before I started posting. So all I require to friend you back is a lame intro post. I read my flist via very filtered filters. So if you yell at me via your journal there's a good chance I'll miss it. If it's important please e-mail me. *G*

Spoiler Policy:
I cut tag for one week after an episode airs; one month for movies. And while I don't want spoilers, I certainly won't blame you if I trip over them in your journal.

Things that are locked:
I talk about my life long recovery process from rape and torture by a fettishly sadistic boyfriend and being raised by an emotional vampire and narcissistic 'mother'. I talk about my recovery process in the Healing filter. Pre June 2006 most of the healing posts are locked. After June 2006 only those posts concerning other peoples' privacy are locked. Anyone can be added to the locked filter - just let me know. And I absolutely cut tag all the potentially harmful language.
Amended locking policy: I'm going to be locking some general and mundane posts this year while I'm staying with friends this year to protect their privacy.

Things I Make:
I don't make many icons. But what I do make is generally unseemly. Vin Diesel cleavage anybody?
Someday there may be fic, but for now there are a few fannish poems.

Things I Do:
Spaztastic ep "reviews"
Frank discussion about rape and its affects
Nonsensical Squee
Fix your computers
Recs for naughty things
Did I mention Squee?

Fandoms that regularly show up here:
Ugly Betty
Stargate: Atlantis
Grey's Anatomy
Battlestar Galactica

Characters and Pairings I pay attention to:
Dean Winchester
Ugly Betty
Daniel Meade
John Sheppard
Ronon Dex [info]ronon_sex
Rodney McKay
Lex Luthor
Chloe's magnificent hair!!
Clark Kent
Grey's Anatomy
Dr. Derrick Sheppard
The Nazi a.k.a. Dr. Miranda Bailey
Battlestar Galactica
Gaius/Six (they are one entity)
Laura Roslin
Dexter of course!

I'm also a community h0r.
By which I mean over the last year I've made four communities. All are small and I fully expect at least one of them to remain the ghost town that it is. The communities are:
  • [info]darkfanfic - A Darkfic fanfic community. A place where DarkFic lovers can celebrate the darker side of fandom.
  • [info]sv_clubfic - Smallville clubfic. Post any story/art/link relating to any SV actor's character that involves a club, rave or prostitution. Even RPS!
  • [info]genderfick - A Genderfuck fanfic community.
  • [info]sv_concon - A gathering place for Smallville fen to get together for cons or *whatever*


You can be a Suz Minion too.
Shows I watch

Prison Break
The Closer
House M.D.
Rescue Me
ThursdayGrey's Anatomy
Ugly Betty
Burn Notice
FridayStargate: Atlantis*
Blood Ties
SundayBattlestar Galactica
The L Word
The Dead Zone
The 4400
Bold indicates LJ squeeing
* indicates fic interest
faded text indicates sporadic viewing
italics indicate off air
New Old Shows
Due South

Beloved Shows of Yore
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The X-Files
The O.C.

Diet Farscape SG-1

Beloved Shows of Childhood
The Greatest American Superhero
Star Trek The Next Generation
Star Trek Deep Space Nine
V - The Miniseries

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Reverend Justin Crowe manip by me
Color design of layout and manip by [info]lierdumoa

Moodthemes on rotation:
Rave Macbeth Michael Rosenbaum by [info]upgasm
Dean Supernatural by [info]spunkyruns
Yes, I mushed them.

Pete Wentz by [info]kitschdeluxe
Smokin' Hot Patrick Stump by [info]aiken_4graphics
Pretty Pretty Patrick Stump by [info]frek

Interests (127):

adina, alex krycek, angst, ani difranco, battlestar galactica, ben browder, bradley cooper, brent corrigan, brent everett, bsg, caldwell/weir, callum keith rennie, carnivale, carnivàle, chan, choco's hair, chronicles of riddick, clark kent, clark/lex, computers, crichton, cyril kemp, d'argo, david creegan, david creegan/cyril kemp, david hewlett, dog the bounty hunter, dom/brian, domino, due south, ed in the refridgerators, edgar ramirez, eliza dushku, eminem, eric mabius, fall out boy, farscape, fast and furious, fastlane, firefly, gir, greek mythology, grey's anatomy, half past forever, harry and the potters, harry potter, heat vision and jack, heroes, house m.d., invader zim, jack b. badd, jack bristow, jack/riddick, joe flanigan, john crichton, john sheppard, john/scorpius, johnny johnson, kara thrace, kara/leoben, kids in the hall, krycek, leoben conoy, lex luthor, lex/clark, lionel luthor, logan echolls, lost, methos, michael rosenbaum, mike lombardi, mike silletti, milo ventimiglia, miranda bailey, mitch pileggi, nathan petrelli, pajama time, patrick stump, patrick warburton, pete wentz, peter petrelli, peter wingfield, photoshop, pitch black, poolhall junkies, prison break, psych, rave macbeth, rescue me, riddick, rodney mckay, ronon dex, ryan gosling, ryan reynolds, san francisco, sark, sawyer, sawyer/kate, sawyer/sayid, scorpius, sga, shia labeouf, smallville, sorority boys, spy daddy, starbuck, starbuck/leoben, stargate atlantis, stargate: atlantis, subtext, taylor kitsch, the dillo, the l word, the visitors, the x-files, tom welling, touching evil, ugly betty, urban legend, v, v the final battle, veronica mars, victor garber, vin diesel, vista guardian/mac, weir/caldwell, x-files
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