18 February 2008 @ 07:33 am
Cobra Starship in concert  
The Cobra show was not as shiny as I wanted it to be.

The size of the venue was nice and small. But it was all ages and they allow digital cameras. So I felt rilly rilly old surrounded by all the 14yros. But oh god the scene babies were so precious. And... OH GOD. My favorite part before cobra? They played a bunch of hip-hop and electronica while they were setting up Cobra's instruments. And all the white scene babies where dancing and singing/rapping along. TO KANYE AND USHER ft. LUDACRIS. And the DJ played three tracks featuring Daft Punk. That horrible Kanye song that is basically Kanye rapping over Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, Strong. And then he played LCD Soundsystem's Daft Punk Is Playing At My House. Which was followed by Usher's Yeah. And THE WHOLE ROOM SANG ALONG!! All these nerdy scene boys and girls rapping and singing along IT WAS THE MOST PRECIOUS THING EVER.

Then Cobra came on. God I lust love Gabe Saporta. But what I really really hate? All these bitches in front of me and their mother fucking cameras. I mean if the all ages thing wasn't bad enough... there were no less than six cameras in my field of vision AT ALL TIMES. I worked my way up to the 4th row and got stuck behind a big latino dude, with his camera phone, and some other chick and her fucking camera that did video. THAT SHE HAD TO CHECK AFTER EVERY SHOT. AUGH!! Okay, enough ranting.

Gabe molested himself in front of me. Well not directly, but y'know. See the icon? I *almost* got that. If I had been in front and two to the right... And I was really sad (and pathetic) without [livejournal.com profile] lierdumoa. There was no one to clutch at and cling to in the thronging mass.

My favorites? Kiss my Sass and Warmer in the Basement

Oh god I screamed myself hoarse when the first few bars for Warmer in the Basement started. And Gabe being all Sometimes you love someone so much you have to lock them in your basement... Just.... I really like the pointy ones. Who are pointy, and have distinct hips that look like they could hurt you if you sat on them. And tight rounded shoulders. it does a *thing* to me. ::coughmygirlfriend'shipsprotrudedramaticallycough::
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04 January 2008 @ 02:56 pm
Cobra Starship show Feb 15 in LA. WHO'S COMING WITH ME?  
I'm buying tickets from a dude this weekend. I can buy up to 4. I have no idea who the other bands are. I DON'T CARE. I WANT TO WATCH GABE SHIMMY FROM SPITTING DISTANCE.

Anybody wanna join me? Text me! link on my user info. I'm working late tonight and will have sporadic email time.
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23 October 2007 @ 07:18 pm
[PSA] We are NOT taking I-5 home.  
Fear not! A lovely co-worker told me about the fires on I-5. [livejournal.com profile] permetaform and I aren't going home tonight as previously planned. We'll be driving home tomorrow IN THE DAY TIME down HWY 101 (or HWY99 and some other fire free junction). It might take us ALL DAMN DAY, which is why we're leaving TOMORROW, in the morning-ish.


ALSO! Remember when I turned a bunch of you onto the splendiferous Mr. Timberlake? Well I plan to do the same with Cobra Starship. WHEREIN THERE IS AN ENTIRE SONG OF WORSHIP TO THE SPLENDIFEROUS MR. TIMBERLAKE.


Dammit. WHY DON'T I HAVE A GABE SAPORTA ICON YET!! GAH!! ::stalks off to amend::
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15 July 2007 @ 06:16 am
This is what stalling looks like. - Hey NEW People!  
I've been in this nice cushy Post New York bubble. Ignoring my flist and anything that reminds me that I'm not Home. For I am terribly homesick. Homesick for people. There's no one to visit here. I only go places when there are errands to run and job interviews to do. Oh and sometimes I drive around in the dead of night to familiarize myself with the landscape. But [livejournal.com profile] permetaform pointed out the other day that I tend to drive towards the sky scrapers in the next town over. SO RIDICULOUSLY HOMESICK. So I'm going to talk about myself and things that make me happy.

Yes I'm wanking this into a Welcome New People post. I'm an excellent wanker. [HORRIBLE PUN!]


This is, primarily, a fannish journal. Fandom lives here, slash fandom mostly. Mmmm gay boys and men. Recently I visited my girlfriend [livejournal.com profile] gelasius in New York. There I met and befriended a bunch of her friends. WHO ARE AWESOME. They, many of them role players, were perplexed as to WHAT THE HELL I DO ON THE INTERNETS. I don't write fiction, I don't vid, I don't role play... WTF ELSE IS THERE?!! HOW CAN I LIVE!!?? Okay well nobody actually *yelled* at me. But a few people were ALL CAPping at me with their eyebrows. So what DO I do with my time?

I leave feedback. Yes, that is time consuming b'c I don't really leave "great story" feedback at all. I leave h0rry long winded feedback that can often sometimes take HOURS to type up. HOURS.

Plus I spend a inordinate amount of time downloading procuring (and viewing) television media. I spend an almost equal amount of time watching movies. I'm a media junkie. Some would say I Have A Problem. ::shifty eyes:: But they don't read this journal. ::koff::

I post sporadically about those things which I procure that give me joy. Sometimes episodes, sometimes music, other times movies. Media Junkie.

I'm not exactly "involved" in any one fandom specifically. I hover around many many fandoms. Please be to seeing my userinfo for a complete list of TV shows. Oh god I need to update that list with the movies and actors. ::headdesk:: Supernatural and Bandom are about as involved as I get. Oh right Bandom.

I hunt down canon for Bandom. Fall Out Boy and Cobra Starship mainly. There aren't any weekly episodes to download so I scour the interwebs for canon. I think I have almost every picture of Gabe Saporta published EVER and am currently archiving every single video clip of Gabe I can find. I have articles I don't even know how I found.

I name drop. Thusly: San Francisco is my hometown. I miss it dearly. I'm currently living with my Hetero Life Wife [livejournal.com profile] permetaform - we're straight for each other - in Southern California. I HATE IT HERE! HATE IT HERE SO MUCH OMG!! But my Wife is kind of having a nervous break down and needs on the ground support. So SoCal here I be. To keep the hatred at bay I spend a RIDICULOUS of time talking to my other BFF [livejournal.com profile] lierdumoa. She links me to cool things - like the good SGA and Bandom fic. B'c the only fiction I'll actually hunt down myself is Supernatural.

I beta fiction when my friends are writing it. ::stern looks all around:: I HAVE NOT BETA'D FICTION IN MONTHS. BITCHES!!

Oh and I love chan. Kind of a lot. I take it with my to every fandom. Or well I try b'c mostly they only give me jailbait. Bandom at least gives me canon jailbait. Pitch Black gives me chan occasionally. ::pets it::

Then there are the non-fannish things.

I talk about things some people just don't or at least not as openly and publicly as I do.

Ten years ago I escaped a sadistically abusive relationship where, for three years, I was totally controlled, occasionally beaten and regularly raped (for the last two). That was Biff*. But before Biff there was Brodie, a high school boyfriend, who never laid a hand on me but, when I was 16, raped me just the same. And let's not forget Adria*. My MoO (Mother of Origin) who was never very fond of my femininity and punished me for it every chance she got. She hasn't spoken to me in 10 years (outside of family emergencies) b'c the only place I'll agree to see her is a counseling office. Which she steadfastly refuses.

I know that sounds really shitty but I'm in pretty good shape. Thanks mostly to my step-Mom. And two of the most awesome brothers in Fred* and George*. People have tried to *trade* me. Oh and lets not for get my Dad, who loves me like burning and named me Angela b'c I'm obviously an angel. Yes he's said that out loud - to my face even. So I got lots of suck but I also have lots and *lots* of awesome. What my life lacks is mediocrity. Srsly.

And b'c I'm so ridiculously open and kind of an attention h0r feel free to ask me whatever. And uh... insert witty closing line HERE.

* Names not real.
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25 June 2007 @ 06:16 am
I'd fire you all but... there aren't very many of you here.  
Okay first things first. I really really REALLY hate SoCal and Los Angeles in particular. There were SO MANY STUPID CHILDREN THERE. OH GOD!!! Just... oh god I hate them. HATE THEM SO MUCH. Okay those of you outside California or not into the rock scene or... just whatever. I mean very few of you are actually children anyway and... You are my flist you get a free pass. So last night Pete wanted a Circle Pit - counter clockwise (man knows what he likes). Girls behind me, GIRLS, were all, ::skoff:: It's a mosh pit! Not a "circle pit." ::hair flip::

Surprisingly I did not turn around and beat them. Nor did I say anything mean. But yes, I said something. I mean I *had* to! Those of you who know me are laughing right now. :-) I mean I had to, right? So what I said was, "Circle Pits are a California thing. We're kinda famous for it." Not that I've ever been in a mosh pit myself. I'm a delicate lady y'know. Right but... YOU DON'T SCOFF AT THE BAND WHEN THE BAND ORDERS YOU AROUND. YOU DON'T DIS PETE!!! YOU DON'T DIS THE BEAUTIFUL ADONIS CROONING AT YOU FROM THE STAGE. Oh right the firing.

But I'm not actually firing anybody today. Many of you are very Patrick focused so I really can't blame you. ::eyes [livejournal.com profile] natilathehun:: PETE IS THE MOST UNPHOTOGENIC PERSON OF EVER. Compared to Pete In The Flesh? Pete On Paper is a fugly step-child. Good babies that man is DELICIOUS IN PERSON. Every time he smiled I wanted to tear all my clothes off AND KNEEEEEEL. He is STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL. Just... I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYONE SO BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON BEFORE. Just... EVERY TIME HE SMILED I WANTED TO BE NAKED.

Oh and I could *see* his smile b'c by the time Fall Out Boy was on their 3rd song [livejournal.com profile] lierdumoa and I were six people from the barricade just to the right of the stage.

Oh and Joe? Joe is the best Joe that ever Joe'd. JOE IS AMAZING!!! TROHMANIA BITCHES!!! TROHMANIA!!!!

I love Patrick. I really do. But I don't know if I love him in that way. I want to see his beatific smile when he's raising his babies. And I do believe he's the sexiest cream skinned cherub faced man out there. I often dream of mouthing his jawline and other soft and fleshy creamed skin parts of his delicious body. But last night? He kinda phoned it in. He... there was no sparkle. Plus he was hard to hear over the mass of people trying squeeze me like old toothpaste. And there was this tone deaf big guy behind me who... has really good lungs. Didn't like it when I was watching him though. HA! Got all embarrassed and quiet. That was nice. And when Patrick belted I could sorta hear him? But... like next time? Well okay at least two more times b'c seriously I want to be ON THE BARRICADE SUFFOCATING and then another time up and away from the crowd so I can just listen to his crooning voice.

Okay so y'all get a pass on the Pete is Stunningly Breathtakingly Beautiful thing. However, I really am very very ashamed of all of you who didn't tell me that GABE SAPORTA IS MADE OF SEX. I would FIRE you ALL but Gabe doesn't really seem to have any sort of following. Or at the very least it's ridiculously disorganized. I mean... THE ICONS I DID FIND ARE FOR SHIT. I mean... not of any sort of quality I can tolerate. Well okay a fair number of the Gabe/Bill Beckett icons were okay. But I'm not interested in sharing Gabriel right now. I want his pointy pointy prick for myself.

Oh yes. Prick. His voice is so pointy. His pipes are nearly as powerful as Patrick's but in a completely different way. AND THE DANCING. OH GOD THE DANCING WAS JUST THE BEST THING MY EYES HAVE SEEN SINCE I LAST SAW MY GIRLFRIEND'S NAKED AND SOMEWHAT POINTY HIPS. He... I SQUEAK AT THE MEMORY OF HIS HIP SHIMMY. THAT SHIMMIED. I just want to get stoned with him and climb into his pointy lap and make out with his pointy face and get his pointy fingers all up under my shirt and HE IS THE SEXIEST FUCKING THING ON THAT MOTHER FUCKING STAGE. With the GAY jokes!! He... SO GAY! And the beatings!! I mean there weren't any beatings but they made it sound like that's all they do off stage. He... He he's such a beautiful... prick.

Oh and The Academy Is... needs to be seen live to be properly appreciated and loved. They were awesome!
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