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fashes ([personal profile] fashes) wrote on March 20th, 2009 at 04:00 pm
So I had this awesome job, right? ::LOUD BUZZER SOUND::
In other news George and Fred are doing AMAZING. George (the younger) got a really awesome therapist and is even taking college classes now! Fred is talking to GIRLS and feeling confident in himself.

My step-brother is getting married on May 17th. Damon* and I will be in the Bay Area for the event.

Apparently I am not so much with the awesome job having anymore. I lost my job last week. ::SUCK:: Let me essplain to you exactly how this girl "lost" (WHERE ARE MY KEYS!!) her job...

My boyfriend, Damon*, had cranial decompression (brain) surgery on March 2nd. I took that week and the following Monday off of work to help him out. When I went back to work on Tuesday the 10th, I was Terminated and escorted from the office by 11:00.

So like... a whole month in advance I submitted some vacation days and they were approved. Upon returning from said vacation days I was axed. FOR NO GOOD REASON. There were no company cut backs. No tightening of the belts We Can't Afford IT Anymore. Nope. The NY office has just been systematically removing things from the CA office that were too antithetical to a NY Attitude. And apparently *I* am antithetical to a NY 'Tude.

Which is totally true. I'm bright, friendly, speak slowly and clearly so that the listener can understand me, oh and I genuinely LIKE and am exceedingly FRIENDLY with ALL of my co-workers/users. Not that NY peeps are all assholes, but I sometimes even nauseate my fellow Californians with my bright, sunny and perky disposition. Shame on ME!

\/\/ (whatever hands)

So I went back to Damon's house promptly picked up where I'd left off the night before, taking care of Damon while he recovers from BRAIN SURGERY. Damon was treated for his Chiari Malformation, learn here. He's doing AMAZING. In part because I'm an awesome care giver. No, really. I skeered a nurse. And am officially in charge of a six foot 220lbs Grown Ass Man until April 1st, when we will evaluate his ability to self-care and NOT over-flipping-do-it.

These days there's nothing shinier than: putting your tiny 5'3 self in front of a 6'0 tall man, slapping your hand onto his chest and calmly telling him to Stop and put the pliers down and he does. He actually goes limp and relaxed and sits on the couch like a schooled little boy. And if he's been very good and relaxing a lot he gets blow jobs and sex. Because we believe in positive reinforcement and we totally loves our Damon.
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